Indiana family comes home to find deer in their bedroom

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As any hunter will tell you, sometimes you can wait for hours in the wilderness without ever seeing a deer.

Or as one Jasper, Indiana family found this past weekend, you can also come home to discover one literally standing in your master bedroom.

Darrell and Jan Blocker say the buck helped himself inside the family home around 10 a.m. Saturday morning while the couple was away. Their neighbour says the buck crashed through a back window in the home, seemingly unprompted.

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“It was a big buck,” neighbour Frank Dedrick told the Dubois County Herald. “It came across my yard, [and] then it ran straight through that window.”

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The Jasper Police Department was contacted shortly after the incident, and the video seen above was actually shot by one of their officers after arriving on scene.

The tangled remains of the screen door and broken bits of glass on the floor clearly indicated the buck made its way to the bedroom after “breaking in” to the Blocker’s home.

Local and county police then worked alongside the Blockers to try and herd the buck out of the home.

“We had everything opened up so he could go out through the utility room,” Darrell said. “He just wouldn’t come out.”

Eventually, they were able to coax the deer out through an open window, with Darrell shooting more video of the freed buck bounding away from the family home.

The Blockers say they noticed a few drops of blood near the broken window, but otherwise had every reason to believe the deer would be fine.

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Their home was a slightly different story, however: the floor was scuffed in several places, a hole had been punched in the drywall, and some vases and a painting were destroyed by the rogue buck.

But Darrell acknowledged it could have been much worse.

“We were fortunate,” he said.

“I know when we start doing the estimate, it’s going to add up to more than you think.”


Proposed cuts could bring ‘profound changes’ to Toronto police operations

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TORONTO —; A leaked report from accounting firm KPMG proposes cost-cutting measures that could trigger major changes in for Toronto police.

Mayor John Tory said the report suggests “profound changes” in an effort to try and constrain growth and modernize policing.

“I would expect that you are going to see some of those very significant reforms proceeded with,” he said.

Tory said the Police Services Board only recently got its first look at the report and has read it over in painstaking detail.

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“We spent two days going over that report. That’s how seriously we took it.”

The Toronto Star released details from the report which include replacing 17 police divisions across the city with “storefront” operations.

Tory added that although he wants to see the report be made public, he understands why it was not immediately available.

“When these reports are given to boards … I think it is fair … the recipients on the report are in some cases entitled to read those reports, digest them and consider them before they are made public.”

The leaked details come ahead of the police budget meeting which will be held on Thursday.

Originally pegged at 5.8 per cent budget increase, a revised 2016 net operating budget request has been decreased to $27M or 2.76 per cent over the 2015 net approved budget.

“It’s still a work in progress. It will go to the Police Services Board later this week and then of course it comes here for additional scrutiny and examination,” Tory said.

The report will be made public ahead of the Dec. 17 board meeting.


WATCH: “We were shocked” Bisons head coach Brian Dobie on their playoff elimination

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WINNIPEG —; The Manitoba Bisons’ season ended like it will for all but one of the university football teams in the playoffs, with a loss. It was a disappointing end to the campaign for the Herd who went out with a whimper in front of a national TV audience as they were blown out by the UBC Thunderbirds 52-10 in Saturday’s Hardy Cup semifinal.

“We were shocked,” Bisons head coach Brian Dobie said. “UBC played a tremendous game. It was the best game that anybody played against us all year, by a mile.”

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Manitoba surrendered 29 first half points and the game was pretty much over before the start of the third quarter.

“You could feel a shark attack coming. You know, waters being filled with blood,” Dobie said. “You just see the momentum building for them and we’re trying to climb up a slippery slope.”

The two teams had met just seven days before with the Thunderbirds also winning their first meeting. But that game was a whole lot closer as Manitoba lost by only two touchdowns.

“We absolutely expected to win and I don’t mean that arrogantly. I’m sitting here after a blowout playoff loss. So I’m saying that in the most humble way I possibly can.”

A blowout playoff loss is a tough way to finish a football career and for some on the Bisons this was the end of the line. Even though much of the Bisons roster will be back in 2016, there were still a few tears shed after such a disappointing performance.

“There were guys sobbing, literally sobbing around the room, fifth year players,” Dobie said. “At the end of the day somebody is going to win the Vanier Cup, the other 27 teams in the nation will have lost. And I think for us in that locker room that loss was compounded by the way we lost.”

WATCH: Brian Dobie on their disappointing performance in the Canada West Semifinal.


Sky-high vacancy rates challenge remaining downtown businesses

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CALGARY – An estimated 35,000 layoffs in Alberta have drained Calgary’s power towers of workers, leaving many floors sitting empty.

The vacancy rate for office space in the core rose from 6.5 per cent in November 2014, to 14 per cent a year later.

It’s the highest commercial vacancy rate in the city’s centre since 2010.

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“Where it hurts is where you’ve got a smaller landlord that loses too much, and he’s got too big a mortgage,” said Bruce Finnegan, president of B. Finnegan & Associates.  “It just ends up going back to the mortgage company and they sell it to somebody new.”

Finnegan appraises commercial real estate for pension funds and law firms.

He said towers are already starting to change hands, but bigger building ownership groups with deep pockets will ride out the rough economy.

Downtown office leasing prices have fallen by about 25 per cent since November 2014, from $32.63 per square foot to $21.96 in November 2015.

Sub-leasing and re-negotiation of leases is now common.

“The landlord has to decide —; should he hold the tenant to the full rate, or should he buckle and keep the tenant, let him pay what he can?” Finnegan said.  “Usually, they’ll go for the latter rather than get into a situation where their hold on the property could be jeopardized by vacancy in the building.”

The loss of so many downtown workers is also affecting businesses that serve the office crowd.

At the downtown Jalapeno’s Mexican Grill, owner Douglas Hernandez builds giant, 2 lb. burritos, but the biggest bite he’s seen lately is to business.

The restaurant relies heavily on the office crowd lunch rush.

“We used to have a lot of regulars that are coming in every week – two, three times a week,” said Hernandez.  “They don’t come anymore.”

Everything at the independent eatery is cooked from scratch, so labour costs are higher. Hernandez had no choice but to adapt.

He said he’s working extra hours to cover for an employee that he was forced to lay-off. He’s also changing his menu to offer smaller dishes at a lower price.

“We are very optimistic about it —; I don’t want to be pessimistic because it doesn’t help anyway,” Hernandez said.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce proposed another option Tuesday. It is now urging landlords and their tenants to sublease empty floors or offices to artists, as studio space.

“We think that this could be an offset to some of the expenses associated with carrying an empty space,” said Scott Crockatt, with the Chamber.

“It could be a way to give back to the arts community as well, and create some cultural vibrancy in our city.”

‘Artists in the Workplace’, is a partnership with Calgary Arts Development.

Businesses can identify themselves as having space available, will be matched an artist or organization that’s a good fit.  They can choose to solely provide space to work, or support and engage with an artist-in-residence.


Saddle up, Edmonton! CFR kicks off Wednesday

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EDMONTON — Grab your cowboy hats and boots, it’s that time of year again. The 42nd annual Canadian Finals Rodeo kicks off at Northlands on Wednesday.

“Every year, our city saddles up and gets ready to celebrate our deep-rooted connection to our western identity and tradition,” said Tim Reid, president and CEO of Northlands.

The CFR is the largest indoor rodeo in Canada. Every year it attracts the country’s best rodeo athletes for six full days of competition and performances.

This year, 108 competitors are expected to vie for national titles in seven major events and more than $1.5 million in prize money.

“We are excited to celebrate the 42nd annual CFR in Edmonton,” said Maggie Davison, vice president of Edmonton Tourism. “This is an important event for our community, for Edmontonians and visitors.”

Watch below: Annual chili cook off celebrates the CFR

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Taking in an event isn’t the only way to get involved in the rodeo fun. Farmfair International, one of the country’s most popular agricultural shows, is also taking place at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Year after year, thousands of people from around the world come to Edmonton to show and sell their livestock.

Farmfair International also offers more than 150 booths for shoppers looking for everything from leather goods and saddles to home décor and art.

“We encourage Edmontonians to rally behind the rodeo and celebrate with activities throughout the city and a visit to Farmfair International and the CFR at Northlands,” said Reid.

Global Edmonton will have plenty of live coverage from Northlands beginning on Wednesday night during the News Hour at 6 p.m.

Shaw TV will broadcast events on the following days:

Wednesday – Saturday: 11 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.Rebroadcasts the next day: 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.Sunday Championship Finals: 7 p.m.Repeats: 11 p.m. and 11 a.m.

The first CFR drew in about 24,000 fans. Now, the event pulls in more than 90,000 people each year.


Jerseys unveiled for Saskatchewan Rush lacrosse team

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SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Rush unveiled their new home and away jerseys Tuesday for the upcoming 2016 National Lacrosse League (NLL) season. The new uniforms pay tribute to the team’s new home province after relocating from Edmonton this past off-season.

Green is now predominantly featured on the Rush’s 2016 jersey.

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“The Rush are proudly part of Saskatchewan and it was truly important to us to illustrate our sense of belonging to the province,” said Rush owner Bruce Urban.

“It is our mission to keep the Champion’s Cup and celebrate another championship in our new home with our new fans all while wearing Saskatchewan green.”

The franchise has also opened their new headquarters in the city’s Scotia Centre. The location features all of the new Rush merchandise as well as the Rush team office where fans can get tickets.

Rush are defending NLL champions this season and play their inaugural home game at SaskTel Centre on Jan. 15, 2016.

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Made-in-B.C. cancer treatment research gives Kelowna man hope

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KELOWNA – In July of 2011 a Kelowna man heard three words no one wants to hear: “you have cancer.”

Sean Connor has a brain tumour. The cancer destroyed a nerve that controls his tongue, making it difficult for him to speak but that’s not the worst of it.

“It’s a very nasty piece of work,” Connor said.

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After trying treatments in Canada, and even going to California for surgery, nothing worked. In fact, things got worse. Connor had exhausted all of his treatment options and lost hope until he was asked to participate in a pilot study for a new way to treat cancer patients called the Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) program.

“This is really important science,” says Connor.

Connor shared his story with donors at the fifth annual B.C. Cancer Foundation Discovery Luncheon in Kelowna on Tuesday. The foundation holds luncheons to raise money for various treatment options for cancer. This year the focus is on POG.

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“We do an analysis of the individual looking at a sample of their tumour and compare that to their own normal DNA and we look for what the differences are in genetic pathways that might be drivers of cancer behaviour,” said Robyn Roscoe with the B.C. Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre.

POG is still in its early stages but the B.C. Cancer Agency says it’s one of the most promising research initiatives.

“It’s world leading, it’s happening nowhere else in the world and we have a real competitive advantage because of the B.C. Cancer Agency in which we have embedded with it the Genome Sciences Centre that has the ability to do this whole genome sequencing which very few other places do have the ability to do,” said Erik Dierks, Vice President of Development at the B.C. Cancer Foundation.

It could be years before the POG treatment is widely used but the cancer agency has taken big strides in its efforts.

“We started with an initial cohort of 30 patients and now we are approaching 400 that have been in the POG program,” Dierks said.

All of the participants are British Columbians but there has been interest from around the world.

“You could pretty much throw a dart at a map and you’d find somebody who was really desperate to get on the program,” Dierks said.

Many participants in the program are either terminally ill or have exhausted all treatment options like Connor, giving them hope where they didn’t think there was any left.

“This POG is a whole new ball game and I believe it’s going to help,” Connor said.

The foundation raised $104,000 at the luncheon for POG program research.

WATCH: Blood pressure drug shrinks Vancouver woman’s cancer

October housing starts down in Saskatoon

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Housing starts in the Saskatoon census metropolitan area (CMA) were down in October, according to preliminary numbers from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The recent report shows construction started on around 120 units less compared to last year.

Construction on 146 units began in October 2015 compared to 268 units in October 2014. Broken down, 83 multi-family units and 63 single-detached homes were started last month.

READ MORE: Saskatoon home sales sluggish in September

So far this year, there have been 1,801 total starts in the Saskatoon CMA compared to 2,939 at the same time in 2014.

Saskatchewan’s total urban starts were at 3,489 by the end of October, down from 6,214 in 2014.

CMHC’s preliminary housing starts for Canada last month were at 15,898.

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‘Get your head out of your apps’ road sign causes a stir in Utah

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Distracted driving can be deadly, that has been established. But still, getting drivers to pay attention to the road and not their phones can be a challenge.

The Utah Department of Transportation’s latest message to drivers, displayed on roadside billboards —; “Get your head out of your apps” —; has been getting people talking.

It’s the latest message in a series that kicked off Memorial Day weekend to get people to put down their phones while driving. Past posts read “That seatbelt looks good on you”, and “Turn signals, the original instant message”.

WATCH: It’s been 5 years, have distracted driving laws worked?

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“We take a lighthearted approach, but make no mistake, this is a serious issue,” department spokesman John Gleason told NBC News.

“People are dying on our roads, and we want to do something to get people’s attention.”

A handful of people have expressed distaste with the latest message; a take on a common, less refined saying. But the department’s only concern is keeping roadways safe.

“If you’re trying to make an impact, there may be a few people that don’t agree,” said Gleason. “We’re OK with that because the overall goal here is to get people talking.”

Distracted driving is a problem that has grown with the advent of the omnipresent smartphone, and lawmakers in Canada have worked to tackle the deadly issue. Distracted driving has surpassed impaired driving as the No. 1 cause of road fatalities in Ontario;, and in BC it is the second-leading cause of car crash deaths in the province.

While drivers face harsh penalties in many parts of Canada for distracted driving behaviours such as using their phones, poll results released in June found that seven in 10 Canadian drivers admit to driving distracted.

WATCH: Abbotsford Police Department’s distracted driving campaign goes viral


Lethbridge man holds two generations of Trudeau history

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Lethbridge’s Ralph Harris has a rare piece of memorabilia, and the story of how he got it is quite unique. On July 22 1972, while on a CP Rail train, Harris was awoken by an RCMP officer.

“We were taken aback by it a bit,” said Harris. “Because we were used to a call boy coming and knocking on the door.”

But Harris quickly found out why the extra security was necessary.

“There was a private coach on the head end, and out of the coach comes the prime minister of Canada,” said Harris.

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Pierre Trudeau was in Medicine Hat, on Harris’s train. He quickly sprung to action.

“I said, ‘would you take me back? I’d like to get their autograph,’” said Harris.

And right there on the CP Rail train order, Harris got Trudeau’s signature, along with his wife Margaret’s, who was holding young Justin.

“He was in a pouch on his mother’s chest,” said Harris.

Fast forward 41 years, that little baby was paving his own political path, visiting Lethbridge during the Federal Liberal leadership race. And Harris’s wife, Irene, took advantage.

“I just shot up there and asked him,” said Irene, “do you think you could autograph this? He says, ‘oh, no problem.’ So that’s how we got Justin on there.”

And when the younger Trudeau was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd prime minister, the old train order gained even more significance.

“I’ve got the father, who’s the prime minister, I’ve got the son who’s the prime minister today. Now how many people have that on the same page?”

And what the Harris’ will do with their little piece of history?

“We’ll see. We’ll see. I’ll let you know,” said Harris with a smile.

Another Canadian comes forward with story of being detained in Cuba

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TORONTO —; Taylan Evrenler had been to Cuba twice before but his visit last week, that included a trip to Havana, is easily the most memorable. He was detained and questioned by police over a two-day period and was only allowed to leave when he agreed to make a payment.

“You have to pay 4,250 pesos or else you are not going on your flight,” Evrenler said he was told by police on the second day of questioning, adding that he was warned he would not get the documentation necessary to return home to Toronto otherwise.

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Evrenler was staying at a licensed Cuban guest home called a Casa Particular in Havana last week because he wanted to visit an international trade expo.

READ MORE: Cuba admits Canadians were held against their will at Cayo Coco resort

When he went to check out of the home, he said he was met by two non-uniformed Cuban police officers who accompanied him to a police station.

Inside, Evrenler said he was ordered to surrender his passport and cellular phone. He said he waited most of the first day and was told to return the following day.

“They gave me back my phone and was told to come back at eight in the morning and everything’s finished,” said the 28-year-old high risk analyst.

But after returning the next day and waiting about three hours, he said he was interrogated in Spanish, and limited English, and told he owed money for “damages” caused at another guest home on a previous trip.

“It was absolutely false,” Evrener told Global News, who said he had not damaged anything on the previous visit.

“I was scared.”

Faced with what he said was no option except to pay up, Evrener said he travelled “pretty much all over Havana” on Sunday when the city’s banks were closed.

Eventually, he found a financial institution that would provide a cash advance on his MasterCard.

Evrener’s account follows a series of Global News stories about a Vancouver couple who were detained at a Cayo Coco hotel because they didn’t pay approximately $400 in damages demanded by the resort.

READ MORE: Canadians held ‘hostage’ in Cuban hotel room after damage to room

Katharine Foran, 26 and Adam Babuik, 30, say they were not allowed to leave their hotel and could not pay for a broken lamp bulb and broken wall because their credit cards did not function at the hotel. Eventually, they were permitted to return to Canada.

Legal experts say travellers to Cuba aren’t guaranteed the same treatment as they could expect in many other countries.

“There’s a lot of evidence in the case of Cuba that it is not a legal system where the normal rules we expect would apply,” said Toronto immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman.

“I don’t think it’s surprising an incident like this occurred.”

The Cuba tourist office in Toronto said it has no authority to investigate incidents involving guest homes, a spokesperson said.

The office director said he was too busy to sit down for an on-camera interview to discuss questions about tourist safety in Cuba.

Calls to the Cuba Embassy in Ottawa and Cuba Consulate in Toronto were not answered.

Evrener eventually paid police even though he said he did nothing wrong.

“It was very scary,” he said.

“Someone accuses me of something I didn’t do and unless you pay you’re pretty much trapped.”

But despite the experience with police, Evrener said he would like to return to Cuba in the future.

“I fell in love with the country,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”


For Olympian Kyle Shewfelt, gymnastics is the best start for kids to be active

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CALGARY – Calgary’s Olympic golden boy continues to inspire the next generation of gymnasts. But Kyle Shewfelt doesn’t care if they’re shooting for medals; he just wants them to have fun.

Tuesday, to celebrate the gym’s second birthday, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics opened its doors for $2 a person.Classes were full in the morning and afternoon, with kids trying to find some balance… on the beam of course.

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  • Kyle Shewfelt to open grassroots gymnastics club

    Calgary’s gymnastics stars

WATCH MORE: Kyle Shewfelt to open grassroots gymnastics club

For parents at the club, gymnastics is a win-win.”I have three very energetic kids. So it’s just a place where they can burn off some energy,” said Kendra Trim.

Parents said they’d prefer their kids burn all that energy on the trampoline rather than at home!”

Jumping on the couch and jumping on the bed and yeah, it at least gets her to get rid of some energy here for sure,” said Joey Hands, of her daughter.

Gymnastics has been around for more than 2,000 years and few have been better at it than gold medal winner Shewfelt.

Even though competition is in his blood, his facility is strictly for fun.

“In order to get someone to the high performance level of sport, they have to fall in love with the sport at a young age. So for us, we thought…‘We’re going to focus on that foundation.

We’re going to get as many kids as we can involved in the sport of gymnastics,” said Shewfelt.

Hands’ daughter is a regular at Shewfelt’s gymnastics facility, because she’s always been very energetic.

“So she’s been climbing and climbing since she was really small and gymnastics is just such a good all around sport for coordination and body awareness,” said Hands.

“There’s so many kids that are static,” said Shewfelt, “that are just sitting on their Ipads, watching television and that’s just the nature of our world today. But the reality is that kids and people need to move their bodies.”

It’s important to keep moving at any age. Besides, who doesn’t love the foam pit or trampoline?

But if Shewfelt does see potential for a future Olympian, buried in all that foam, there’s always options to progress to the competitive level.

“We’ll gladly pass them along to someone else, where the coaching and facility are really catered to the high-performance side of the sport.”

Whichever level or path kids take in gymnastics, in Shewfelt’s eyes, it’s all a swing in the right direction.

”I hear their laughter and their joy and the celebration when they learn something new and it really resonates with me. I can see a lot of myself in a lot of the kids that I see that walk through the doors.”

After retiring from competition, Shewfelt’s dream was to build Calgary’s premier non-competitive gymnastics centre where everyone, from six-month-old babies in diapers to adults to Olympic athletes, could reap the benefits of physical activity and gymnastics in a fun, supportive environment.

Army suicide rate 3 times higher than other branches of Canadian military

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Members of the army are 3.4 times more likely to kill themselves than non-army members of Canada’s Armed Forces and at least 50 per cent more likely to kill themselves than the average Canadian of the same gender and age, a new study has found.

The Canadian Forces study, posted in June but made public on Tuesday, tracked suicide rates among male Regular Force members of Canada’s military.

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It didn’t look at reservists or women because the sample sizes are so small they make statistical analysis unreliable.

But the study also didn’t look at any Canadian veterans, despite calls from vets for better mental health services amid what they say is a crisis of under-treated post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

READ MORE: Canada still falls short in treating soldiers’ psychic wounds

Veterans weren’t included in the study because no one systematically tracks what happens to them after they leave the military.

“Veterans are people who’ve served in the military but now are no longer members of the Canadian Armed Forces. So we don’t provide them health care. We don’t find out about them when they get sick, when they die,” said Colonel Andrew Downes, Director of Mental Health for the Canadian Armed Forces.

This dearth of data is a known problem: Veterans ombudsman Guy Parent recommended a system for tracking vets two years ago.

It still hasn’t been implemented.

READ MORE: Veterans Affairs Minister vows to change the way Canada treats vets

“The challenge for veterans is they truly have returned to the civilian sector,” Downes said.

“They’re not lost completely, but they’re very hard to track.”

Nonetheless, Downes says this study will translate “into concrete action” for people who are still in the military.

“This helps inform us about our programs and services for currently serving members.”

This is the first report to break down suicide rates between different branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.

And it indicates members of the army are far more likely to kill themselves.

Between 2010 and 2014, the suicide rate per 100,000 was more than 40 for army members, compared to about 12 for non-army members.

Click here to view data »

And army members’ suicide rate was 50 per cent higher than the age-standardized Canadian average in 2007-2011, the most recent year for which there’s Statistics Canada data available for the Canadian population.

This is probably due to the increased deployment stressors on army members, Downes said.

“More army people are deployed to more hostile spots. The more hostile the place you go, the higher your rate of mental illness,” he said.

“So it should be no surprise these are the people that are choosing suicide.”

Downes emphasized the military has done a lot over the past several years to help its members get the treatment they need.

But “the information is telling us more needs to be done,” he said. Part of that is reducing the barriers to coming forward to get help.

“We’ve been putting a lot of effort into culture change and trying to instill a climate in which asking for care is good and encouraged,” he said.

“Culture change is hard. It takes a long time. … We need to think of mental illness like we think of physical illness.”

Downes points to this study and others like it as proof this is an important issue to the military.

“The fact that we do this report … really indicates that we are interested in this and we are trying to solve the problem,” he said.

“When it comes to suicide, suicide is a Canadian problem. It’s a human problem. It’s a global problem.”

But he notes that, even in the best-case scenario, “suicides are very difficult to prevent.”

“We’ve known for a long time that war causes casualties. Physical, mental casualties,” Downes said.

“We can’t grow people’s limbs back. And, with mental illness, even the best care that is available does not cure 100 per cent of people.”

INVISIBLE WOUNDS: Crisis in Canada’s military

National Defence Minister Jarjit Singh Sajjan said in a statement Tuesday he’s asked Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff to make the issue of military suicide a priority.

“Throughout my career I have seen first-hand the demands of military service, and the sometimes enormous impact it can have on members and their families,” the statement reads.

“I am concerned about the findings of the recent CAF report indicating an increased rate of suicide amongst CAF members.  As Minister, taking care of our people is my personal priority.”

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