Indiana family comes home to find deer in their bedroom

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As any hunter will tell you, sometimes you can wait for hours in the wilderness without ever seeing a deer.

Or as one Jasper, Indiana family found this past weekend, you can also come home to discover one literally standing in your master bedroom.

Darrell and Jan Blocker say the buck helped himself inside the family home around 10 a.m. Saturday morning while the couple was away. Their neighbour says the buck crashed through a back window in the home, seemingly unprompted.



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“It was a big buck,” neighbour Frank Dedrick told the Dubois County Herald. “It came across my yard, [and] then it ran straight through that window.”

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The Jasper Police Department was contacted shortly after the incident, and the video seen above was actually shot by one of their officers after arriving on scene.

The tangled remains of the screen door and broken bits of glass on the floor clearly indicated the buck made its way to the bedroom after “breaking in” to the Blocker’s home.

Local and county police then worked alongside the Blockers to try and herd the buck out of the home.

“We had everything opened up so he could go out through the utility room,” Darrell said. “He just wouldn’t come out.”

Eventually, they were able to coax the deer out through an open window, with Darrell shooting more video of the freed buck bounding away from the family home.

The Blockers say they noticed a few drops of blood near the broken window, but otherwise had every reason to believe the deer would be fine.

WATCH: ‘Finding Dory’ trailer takes us back into Nemo’s world

Their home was a slightly different story, however: the floor was scuffed in several places, a hole had been punched in the drywall, and some vases and a painting were destroyed by the rogue buck.

But Darrell acknowledged it could have been much worse.

“We were fortunate,” he said.

“I know when we start doing the estimate, it’s going to add up to more than you think.”


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Proposed cuts could bring ‘profound changes’ to Toronto police operations

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TORONTO —; A leaked report from accounting firm KPMG proposes cost-cutting measures that could trigger major changes in for Toronto police.

Mayor John Tory said the report suggests “profound changes” in an effort to try and constrain growth and modernize policing.

“I would expect that you are going to see some of those very significant reforms proceeded with,” he said.

Tory said the Police Services Board only recently got its first look at the report and has read it over in painstaking detail.


“We spent two days going over that report. That’s how seriously we took it.”

The Toronto Star released details from the report which include replacing 17 police divisions across the city with “storefront” operations.

Tory added that although he wants to see the report be made public, he understands why it was not immediately available.

“When these reports are given to boards … I think it is fair … the recipients on the report are in some cases entitled to read those reports, digest them and consider them before they are made public.”

The leaked details come ahead of the police budget meeting which will be held on Thursday.

Originally pegged at 5.8 per cent budget increase, a revised 2016 net operating budget request has been decreased to $27M or 2.76 per cent over the 2015 net approved budget.

“It’s still a work in progress. It will go to the Police Services Board later this week and then of course it comes here for additional scrutiny and examination,” Tory said.

The report will be made public ahead of the Dec. 17 board meeting.


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WATCH: “We were shocked” Bisons head coach Brian Dobie on their playoff elimination

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WINNIPEG —; The Manitoba Bisons’ season ended like it will for all but one of the university football teams in the playoffs, with a loss. It was a disappointing end to the campaign for the Herd who went out with a whimper in front of a national TV audience as they were blown out by the UBC Thunderbirds 52-10 in Saturday’s Hardy Cup semifinal.

“We were shocked,” Bisons head coach Brian Dobie said. “UBC played a tremendous game. It was the best game that anybody played against us all year, by a mile.”


Manitoba surrendered 29 first half points and the game was pretty much over before the start of the third quarter.

“You could feel a shark attack coming. You know, waters being filled with blood,” Dobie said. “You just see the momentum building for them and we’re trying to climb up a slippery slope.”

The two teams had met just seven days before with the Thunderbirds also winning their first meeting. But that game was a whole lot closer as Manitoba lost by only two touchdowns.

“We absolutely expected to win and I don’t mean that arrogantly. I’m sitting here after a blowout playoff loss. So I’m saying that in the most humble way I possibly can.”

A blowout playoff loss is a tough way to finish a football career and for some on the Bisons this was the end of the line. Even though much of the Bisons roster will be back in 2016, there were still a few tears shed after such a disappointing performance.

“There were guys sobbing, literally sobbing around the room, fifth year players,” Dobie said. “At the end of the day somebody is going to win the Vanier Cup, the other 27 teams in the nation will have lost. And I think for us in that locker room that loss was compounded by the way we lost.”

WATCH: Brian Dobie on their disappointing performance in the Canada West Semifinal.


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$1.2 billion awarded in offshore licenses – Halifax

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HALIFAX – Offshore regulators in Atlantic Canada awarded oil exploration licences to several industry giants Thursday, totalling more than $1.2 billion in Newfoundland and Labrador alone.

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board said it had awarded seven parcels worth a combined $1,204,953,713.

Norwegian-based Statoil is a partner in five of the seven bids and was also awarded a solo bid worth $423 million.


Other companies to be involved in the potential exploration include BG International, BP Canada Energy Group, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and China’s state energy company Nexen Energy.

Premier Paul Davis, who is in the midst of an election campaign, said the record level of interest was the “direct result” of seismic mapping carried out by the province and Nalcor Energy.

“That work indicated that there are potentially 12 billion barrels of oil in this general area of our offshore, so this new international attention is no surprise,” Davis said in a statement released through the Progressive Conservative Party.

Two deepwater parcels were also awarded by Nova Scotia’s offshore regulator, although they were decidedly more modest by comparison, coming in at a value of $82 million.

The parcels, worth about $76 million and $5.8 million respectively, went to Statoil Canada Ltd.

Nova Scotia Energy Minister Michel Samson said he was pleased by the development.

“When you keep in mind where the price of oil is today . . . to see these types of investments being made and expressions of interest in our offshore, I think it’s a great sign of confidence.”

Samson said more work would have to be done, including environmental assessments before Statoil would get final approval for drilling.

If approval is granted by federal and Nova Scotia officials, the regulatory board said it would issue two exploration licences on Jan. 15.

Last month, Shell Canada Ltd., received approval to begin exploratory drilling in the Shelburne Basin offshore site, about 250 kilometres off the southwestern coast of Nova Scotia.

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Skateboarding bulldog and a man running on all fours among new Guinness World Record holders

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Amazing, skillful and downright bizarre records were announced by Guinness World Records on Thursday.

Otto the bulldog was probably the pick of the bunch, skateboarding effortlessly through a human tunnel of thirty people in Peru, to snatch the record for “longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog stakeboarder.”

WATCH: Otto the bulldog joined the list of Guinness World Record holders.

The Harlem Globetrotters set three new world records in Phoenix, Arizona, including one by Thunder Law who managed to raise the bar for “the longest basketball shot made blindfolded” with a spectacular shot of 21.8 metres.

And in Tokyo, Kinichi Ito scampered back into the record books by reclaiming his record for “fastest 100 metres running on all fours”.

He shaved just 0.15 seconds off the previous record in an time of 17.71 seconds.



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  • 5 New York men break Guinness record of most trampoline dunks

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6 businesses damaged by blaze at Stadium Shopping Centre

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CALGARY – Two firefighters were taken to hospital with minor injuries after battling a stubborn fire at the Stadium Shopping Centre on Thursday.

Grey smoke could be seen pouring from the strip mall, located in the 1900 block of Uxbridge Drive N.W., starting at around 7:20 a.m.

Firefighters were initially called to the scene by a passerby who spotted flames coming from the roof of the building.

When they arrived, crews called more apparatus to the scene for support.

The Calgary Fire Department said six businesses in total were damaged by the fire, including Billingsgate Seafood Market & Restaurant., Hi-Ball Restaurant, Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Star and The Cat House Inc.

The manager of The Cat House Inc. was able to rescue to two cats that live in the store.

“They seem a bit spooked, but otherwise they’re fine,” said Peter Chao, who said the felines were unharmed by the smoke.

WATCH: Global Reporter Stefan Keyes shot this up-close video of the fire that engulffed the Stadium Shopping Centre.

Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to track the fire’s path as they battled the blaze.

They said the strip mall had a number of false ceilings and they have even found straw in the some of the walls fueling the fire.

WATCH: Viewer captures time lapse of fire from nearby Brentwood Seniors Health Center between 10:55 and 11:24 a.m.


Two area schools were evacuated as a precaution.

A total of 320 students walked from University Elementary School to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, while several special needs students were moved to the hospital via bus.

Paramedics assessed two students who complained of respiratory issues. One of them, a seven-year-old girl, was transported to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in stable, non-life-threatening condition. The second patient, an eight-year-old boy, was treated on scene and released to the care of his parents.

A second school north of the fire was evacuated, although no students were there at the time, only a few staff members.

University Elementary School is expected to remain closed Friday due to ongoing air quality concerns.

The Calgary Board of Education said they “have explored other suitable options for the temporary relocation of students at other CBE sites but none were found for [Friday.]”

WATCH: The fire at the Stadium Shopping Centre sent a huge plume of thick smoke over northwest Calgary, and that prompted warnings over air quality. Global’s Heather Yourex-West reports.

The Calgary Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials team attended the scene to perform air quality tests and neighbouring businesses were asked to shut down their ventilation systems until air quality in the area improved.

“The fire produced continuous, dense smoke for the duration of the event,” said EMS spokesperson Stuart Brideaux in a Thursday news release.

Utilities to businesses in the shopping centre were shut down.

It’s unknown what caused the fire.

WATCH: The Stadium Shopping Centre was already the centre of plans to redevelop, so with fire destroying much of the building how are these plans affected? Stefan Keyes reports.

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Guns N’ Roses to reunite for Coachella, potential stadium tour: reports

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The gang is getting back together —; according to multiple sources in the music industry.


That’s right, the full Guns N’ Roses ensemble is reuniting to headline the infamous Coachella Festival, and possibly a stadium tour, in 2016. That includes lead singer Axl Rose, guitarist Slash, bassist Duff McKagan, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin and drummer Matt Sorum (original drummer Steven Adler is battling addiction issues). The band hasn’t performed together on stage since the 1993 Use Your Illusion tour.

The band is said to be asking US$3 million per concert, charging upwards of $250 per ticket.

In spite of the infamous, long-running feud between Slash and Rose, a “music insider” said this to Dish Nation:

“Slash and Axl have verbally agreed to get things together again and reform the original band. The live shows [are] where they can show the world what they had and also make the greatest earnings.”

READ MORE: Guns N’ Roses guitarist defends cop who helped him use helicopter for proposal

Other versions of GNR have performed since the band’s breakup, but none have included the whole group due to the long-standing feud. The duo has famously clashed in multiple arguments over the past decade. Slash confirmed a few months ago that he and Rose have buried the hatchet, so to speak.

“It was probably way overdue,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “But it’s very cool at this point. You know, let some of that…dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long.”

Former GNR keyboardist Dizzy Reed also recently hinted about a reunion tour, which, if it happens, will not-so-coincidentally align with the band’s 30th anniversary.

“With GNR, timelines don’t really apply,” Reed told Loudwire. “And that’s fine, things will come out when they’re ready and we’ll go on tour when we’re ready.”

WATCH: Stephen Harper sings Guns N’ Roses at Conservative Xmas party

To date, GNR has sold roughly 100 million albums worldwide, and is largely considered one of the biggest rock bands of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Representatives for the band, as well as reps for Coachella and United Talent Agency, have not commented on or confirmed any upcoming performances.

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Leaving war behind: The odyssey of Sayid and Amira

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The YouTube footage is haunting. Thousands of migrants, in an ant-like column, walking across farmland near the Croatian border, on their way to what they hope is a new life, and safe haven, in Northern Europe. Carrying all their possessions in a few bags, uninvited, they come by land and sea—risking unsafe boats and aggressive police and worried that, at any point, they may be forced to turn back.


So far this year, more than 500,000 men, women and children have made the trek along the so-called Balkan Route, including Sayid and Amira, the couple we follow in our 16×9 story —; the greatest European immigration crisis since World War II as experienced by two young Syrians.

Sayid and Amira (not their real names) made it safely to Austria, where they hope to get asylum. They benefited from an open-borders policy in many European countries — a policy that’s been in effect since the mid-1900’s—which allowed them at least to pass through on their way to green pastures in Germany, Austria or the Scandinavian countries.

READ MORE: Trudeau government creates committee to fast-track refugee resettlement

But as more and more migrants join the swelling exodus, the welcome mats are being withdrawn and borders tightened. Hungary was the first European country to build a fence on its borders with Croatia and Serbia. Now Austria is talking about a barrier on its border with Slovenia. Slovenia may do the same thing. And Germany says many of the half million migrants who have arrived in that country so far this year may yet be sent home.

Clearly, there’s a limit to European hospitality.

The flood of migrants into Germany brings back vivid memories of November, 1989, when the Berlin Wall was finally breached, and tens of thousands of East Germans, or Ossies, poured into the West. That migration was a time of national celebration—representing the beginning of the end of the Cold War, and the reunification of Germany.

Sayid and Amira (not their real names) walk along the Balkan Route on their way to what they hope is a new life, and safe haven, in Northern Europe

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Most of the Ossies returned to their homes as East Germany was integrated into the European economy. But today’s migrants, who come from Damascus and Aleppo and Kandahar and Baghdad, have little wish to return to their home countries where war and dislocation have become the norm. They are mostly young and middle class and they take the long view about where they want to live.

And as consumers and users of social media, they’re well informed. Sayid and Amira knew, for example, that if they were stopped in Hungary, they should avoid being fingerprinted at all costs. Because under European Union regulations, the country that first fingerprints you is the country in which technically you must remain while applying for asylum. And Sayid and Amira were well aware of anti-migrant sentiment in Hungary. They didn’t want to live there.

READ MORE: Air Canada tells Liberal government it can help airlift Syrian refugees

Besides, Amira was pregnant. As a prospective family, the couple had their sights set on a more congenial and affluent environment.

They also had a good sense of where they would be welcome.

In September, the European Union drew up a quota plan, under which the member countries would agree to open their doors to refugee claimants, in quantities based on the strength of their respective economies, population and unemployment rates, as well as how many asylum applications they had approved in the previous five years.

But nobody expected the migration from the East to reach the numbers it did. As a result, the more affluent countries like Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy exceeded their quotas, while France, Finland, Spain and others fell below theirs.

READ MORE: Syrian refugees: How you can help

The result was an informal, but useful, map for the migrants to study. What countries were more likely to meet their expectations?

Sayid and Amira had their sights set on Belgium, but Austria is where they landed, nearly broke and physically exhausted. It would have to do. They were allocated a family to live with in Vienna, while they waited for their asylum requests to be processed. Meanwhile, they have free access to health care.

There’s a good chance they may never again have to endure the war on what was their doorstep in Damascus. But they are nothing if not realistic. “It’s a new life and we don’t know anything about it,” says Sayid, who worked as a sales manager with a computer company, “Everything is difficult in the beginning.”

UPDATE: Dec. 18, 2015

Sayid and Amira have been taken in by an German noble, Baron Von Sass, and are living in downtown Vienna. You can watch their updated story here.


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Man who unleashed racist abuse on Calgary cab driver won’t face charges

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CALGARY – No charges will be laid against a man caught on camera yelling racial slurs at a Calgary cab driver in 2013.

READ MORE: Shocking case of racist cabbie abuse in Calgary caught on video



  • Man who unleashed racist abuse on Calgary cab driver identified

  • Shocking case of racist cabbie abuse in Calgary caught on video

  • RCMP reopen investigation into racist abuse of Calgary cabbie

RCMP said on Thursday that Chad Pasloski would have faced a charge of mischief, but because the RCMP officer who initially investigated the incident made the decision to have the Pasloski pay the driver for property damage, no charges would be laid.

Officers reopened their investigation into the incident in July 2015 after Global News aired exclusively-obtained CCTV footage of the verbal attack.

“Because intervention by the officer occurred, there is no public interest in prosecuting the passenger,” said a Thursday news release from RCMP.

“The passenger paid the driver money for the damages to his taxi upon the understanding that he would not be charged and prosecuted,” explained police, saying to charge him now would raise a “significant issue” respecting Pasloski’s Charter Rights.

The Crown determined that charging the passenger and prosecuting him at this point would amount to an abuse of process and that any prosecution would now be contrary to the public interest.

When reviewing the actions of the officer assigned to the original complaint, RCMP found significant effort was spent in providing the taxi driver with restitution for damage caused, however, “little effort was made to bring the accused before the court for prosecution.” The investigation also found the officer ” became lost on the element of restitution” in her handling of the case. She has faced disciplinary action including a letter on her employment file.

READ MORE: Cab passenger who verbally attacked Calgary driver fired

RCMP issued a apology to the driver, 35-year-old Sardar Qayyum.

“The RCMP would like to [publicly] announce our apology to Mr. Qayyum, the taxi driver in this matter, as the service provided to him did not accomplish a satisfactory outcome for him,” said police in a Thursday news release.

The Officer in Charge of the Airdrie RCMP is meeting with Qayyum to explain the outcome of the entire review.

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Bad move for Canada? TPP’s rules on intellectual property pulled into spotlight

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OTTAWA – Concerns voiced by Jim Balsillie over the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty have intensified scrutiny of the pact’s intellectual-property provisions – and whether they represent a bad deal for Canada.

The former co-chief executive of Research in Motion fired off warnings this week about the final text of the 12-country agreement, a deal reached after years of mostly secret negotiations.


Balsillie’s TPP criticisms zeroed in on intellectual-property rules that he says would favour the more-dominant United States and its companies that already own ideas. These conditions, he added, would harm emerging entrepreneurs in the business of innovation from smaller countries like Canada.

READ MORE: TPP deal ‘worst thing that Harper government has done for Canada’: Balsillie

Over time, he believes the standards could cost Canada billions of dollars in lost prosperity in the growing innovation segment of the economy – which, he argues, could make signing the deal Canada’s worst-ever policy decision.

Balsillie is not alone in his concern.

A week after the text’s release to the public, more and more experts have pored over its fine print – and some have found problematic elements rolled into the deal’s chapter on intellectual property.

Michael Geist, a law professor who specializes in intellectual property, agrees the TPP’s copyright provisions could prove costly for Canadian companies, particularly when it comes to lost opportunities.

Geist called the treaty’s intellectual-property standards a “failure” and said their impact could be significant because they would govern the increasingly important innovation share of Canada’s economy.

“What we’re fundamentally talking about is establishing the rules of the road for virtually all Canadian business, for the Canadian economy and for much of the global economy for years and decades to come,” said Geist, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.

“Those who set the rules for those industries put themselves at a competitive advantage and in this instance it’s quite clearly the United States.”

With a new federal government now in charge, Balisllie’s assessment comes at a critical time for Canada’s future in the TPP, a wide-ranging pact expected to benefit other Canadian sectors – from agriculture to auto parts.

The Trudeau government is reviewing the deal as it determines whether to support an agreement negotiated -and committed to – by their Conservative predecessors.

Copyright expert Ariel Katz said American influence in the intellectual property system would give U.S. companies an edge because net exporters of technologies would generate cash from everyone else.

In addition, Katz said those costs and the protected ideas themselves would make it more difficult for other companies, such as Canadian firms, to develop their own technologies.

Katz, an associate law professor, also warned that ratifying the TPP would lock Canada into a deal that could not be modified, even if issues surface down the road.

READ MORE: Activists urge Trudeau to reject intellectual property changes

“Why would anyone in his right mind want to do that?” said Katz, who holds the Innovation Chair in Electronic Commerce at the University of Toronto.

On top of that, he said the investor state dispute mechanisms in the TPP would essentially give foreign companies the right to proceed with lawsuits against the federal government in foreign courts, even if the Supreme Court of Canada rules against them.

But not everyone agrees that TPP would present significant problems for intellectual property in Canada.

“Generally speaking, I don’t think that the TPP requires us to do very much that we’re not already doing,” said Nathaniel Lipkus, an intellectual-property lawyer with Osler in Toronto.

“We couldn’t identify anything that was unambiguously good or bad about it.”

Lipkus said the pact would level the playing field when it comes to intellectual property, which could encourage foreign companies to do business in Canada, where the rules would become more familiar to them.

He said there will be winners and losers, but he believes success will hinge more on how firms run their businesses rather than whether new intellectual-property rules were in their favour.

The fingerprints of some made-in-Canada policies are also evident in the chapter on intellectual property, Lipkus added.

Several of the experts noted that the treaty would continue to allow Canada to keep its policy that permits copyright holders to notify people who infringe on their rights by contacting them through their Internet service provider.

But Geist added that many intellectual-property policy decisions made in Canada, following agonizing years of public processes, would be changed by ratifying TPP.

“When you agree to rules that haven’t been rules that reflected your own domestic debate and policy development, often times you put yourself at a disadvantage,” Geist said.

“I think it represents a real failure … It’s a failure for the future.”

The new Liberal government has yet to say whether it will support TPP in its current form or whether it’s prepared to walk away from it.

International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland has said the government would review the pact. She also said the government is committed to a full parliamentary debate on the deal and a vote in the House of Commons.

Earlier this week, Balsillie warned that wealth generated by Canadian innovators – as measured by multi-factor productivity – has been stagnant for decades because federal governments have failed to help create a structure to allow these entrepreneurs to flourish.

Balsillie said it has also prevented the Canadian economy from earning hundreds of billions over the years – losses that would be exacerbated by the TPP.


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Toronto Police Service Board approves $27 million budget increase

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TORONTO — Toronto Police Service Board has approved a billion-dollar 2016 budget – an increase of 2.76 per cent, or $27 million, over the previous year.

That’s still less than the original police budget proposal, which requested a 5.8 per cent increase.

The new budget will now be brought to budget committee and executive committee before going to council in 2016.


READ MORE: Toronto Police Board to debate billion-dollar budget Thursday

This is the first time the Toronto police budget has topped $1 billion.

It includes an extra $1.9 million in leap-year costs.

The vast majority of the police budget goes to salary costs.

Mayor John Tory said Thursday he was pleased to reach the next step of progress in the budgeting process.

“The budget process is a continuous thing and you are looking at an organization whose board, chief and chair have committed themselves to the fundamental change that is necessary going forward,” Tory said.

“This year’s budget is what it is. We certainly made some progress since we started this process and we have much more progress to be made.”

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said he will make do with the budget he has.

“One of my roles is not just to keep the community safe, but also to consider the cost of keeping the community safe,” said Saunders.

“Whatever the final count is with this thing, I’m going to do everything I can to make it work.”

Tory spoke about leaked details from a KPMG report that suggests cost cutting efficiencies to Toronto Police.

“A lot of what the KPMG report recommends is a series ideas and they deal with how you deploy police officers, how can you perhaps use police officers to do certain things,” Tory said, citing an example that would use civilian resources in car theft instances.

READ MORE: Proposed cuts could bring ‘profound changes’ to Toronto police operations

Saunders was quick to note the report, which was commissioned in 2014 by former Police Chair Alok Mukherjee, was requested by the board and not Toronto Police.

“I’ve got the largest municipal police organization in Canada, third largest in North America,” Saunders said.

“In order to move those parts, you cant do it over night…I’m not going to make change for the sake of making change. that is a failure. I’m going to make change because it’s sustainable, it’s the right thing for Toronto and it enhances safety.”

The report will be made publicly available ahead of the Dec. 17 Toronto Police Board meeting.


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Swiss Chalet owner says quarter chicken dinner sales hit by oil slump

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If you live near a big-box plaza, you’ve likely frequented their establishments on innumerable occasions. All those restaurant chains at the mall—we mean all of them (or most, anyway) —are owned by just one company: Cara Operations Ltd.

Montana’s, Milestones, Kelsey’s, Casey’s, East Side Mario’s (have we missed any?) are banners owned by Cara, the largest full-service restaurant operator in Canada, with annual sales approaching $1.8 billion.



  • Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s owner to go public

  • In Canada, new breed of fast-food chains are eating McDonald’s lunch

But those banners, as popular as they are, aren’t the biggest money makers for Vaughan, Ont.-based Cara. The heavyweights in Cara’s portfolio of restaurant chains are two iconic Canadian names: Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s.

With more than 200 Swiss Chalet locations sprinkled across the country, the banner accounts for nearly a third of sales. Harvey’s, a burger chain if it needs mentioning, has a store count of 260 or so, and accounts for about 15 per cent of Cara’s sales.

After years of existence as a private company, Cara listed itself on the Toronto Stock Exchange earlier this year, providing a glimpse behind the curtain, hence the level of detail about which banners account for the biggest portion of sales.

The details stop there, though. If you wanted to know which banners are doing particularly well (or the opposite), Cara’s execs won’t break out individual banner performances.

“We don’t break it down,” Bill Gregson, head of the restaurant giant, said on a conference call Thursday.  “We never do. We are a multi-brand company.”

“We’re diversified across banners and we’re diversified across the country,” he said.

West ‘challenged’

Gregson did say that the restaurant business in Western Canada is “challenged” right now, thanks to the commodity slowdown playing out, while locations in the eastern half of the country are seeing good traffic growth.

“We’re challenged in Western Canada and eastern Canada is doing really well,” he said.

That won’t deter Cara from its plans to open additional restaurants in the west this year and next though, he said. “It’s a cycle, it’s not going to be like this forever.”

“This is probably an opportunistic time … we’re not changing our approach.”

Here’s how Cara stacks up against the country’s other food giants:

View link »


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Bloomingdale’s apologizes for ‘date rape’ Christmas ad

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U.S. department store Bloomingdale’s was forced to apologize this week for a Christmas ad that appeared to encourage date rape.

The advertisement appeared in Bloomingdale’s annual holiday catalogue and featured a woman laughing while a man stares at her.

READ MORE: Bud Light pulls slogan urging drinkers to remove ‘no’ from vocabulary

“Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking,” reads the text accompanying the photo of the two models.

The high-end department store quickly came under fire on social media, as many deemed the ad “creepy,” “rapey” and “inappropriate.”

Bloomingdale’s tweeted an apology after hearing “feedback.”

“We heard your feedback about our catalog copy, which was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdale’s sincerely apologizes,” the department said.

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Here’s a look at some of the reaction.



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