‘Atrocious year’ for pedestrian fatalities in Edmonton

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EDMONTON — The number of pedestrians killed on Edmonton streets has risen for the second year in a row.

Twelve people have died while crossing city streets so far this year. Last year, 10 people were killed in vehicle-pedestrian accidents, up from nine deaths in 2013.

The latest victim was a woman who died after being struck by a vehicle on Saturday evening on 137 Avenue near 119 Street.



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Gerry Shimko, of Edmonton’s Office of Traffic Safety, says the number of deaths has been well above any “normal expectations.”

“This has been an atrocious year for pedestrians being struck and killed on Edmonton roadways.”

Scott Pattison, who speaks for Edmonton Police, is reminding pedestrians to make sure they have eye contact with drivers before crossing the road, and to be wary of distractions like headphones and electronic devices.

The city is also concerned about pedestrian safety in school zones, particularly in light of a driver caught going 120 km/h near an elementary school last week.

Shimko says there have been more than 15,000 speed violations in school zones since September.

“We’re talking, you know, over 1,500 per week in Edmonton. And again, we’re really encouraging drivers to really think about what the impact would be if they struck and killed somebody.”


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