Better Winnipeg: Angel squad eyes Guinness World record along with fundraising this season

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WINNIPEG —; In just a few weeks you’ll notice angels, plenty of them, out in various parts of our city.

It’s the Misercordia Foundation’s traditional angel squad that you usually spot at the beginning of December. This year marks the organization’s 20th anniversary.

To celebrate they are going for a Guinness World record attempt of “largest gathering of angels” on December 1.

The hope is for 1200 angels to assemble at the Mulvey school yard at 750 Wolseley Avenue at 8:30 a.m.


“We’ve had to apply ahead of time to get recognized and kind of registered for this event,” said Kim Siddall, Misercordia Foundation board chair. “We’ve had to work with them to make sure that we meet the standard and there will be someone here to scrutinize.”

In the past, a few volunteers got together to sew angel costumes – but they could never produce enough for what’s needed.

This year Peerless Garments is lending more than a few hands to help.

“When they brought the outfit in here and I looked at it and we’d thought we’d be good to do that and what’s better than helping and fundraising, fundraising for hospitals,” said Albert El Tassi, President & CEO Peerless Garments.

The current record for the largest gathering of angels is 1, 039 held by Hauzenberg, Germany.

And if you’re interested in helping break the record, the good news is you can bring your own angel costume.

“If it’s an actual costume that will work,” explained Siddall. “If it’s a garbage bag, it will not work. So it has to meet certain criteria for the Guinness people to recognize you as an official angel.”

Angels lining Maryland bridge. Photo courtesy: Misercordia

Photo courtesy: Misercordia Foundation

Misercordia will also be dropping off kids angel costumes at some participating schools.

Then on December 2 and 3 you’ll see angels lining the Maryland bridge on your way to work. They’ll also be at 201 Portage Avenue and 360 Main Street to accept donations that will go to wherever they’re needed the most.

“Whether it’s the Buhler Eye Care Centre, the Prime Program, the Sleep Disorder Centre…wherever our funds are needed the most we’ll direct them there,” added Siddall.

Those interested in participating are encouraged to sign up online at their website here.

You can also donate by calling 204-788-8458 .

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