Canada’s climate change record in 6 charts

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Canada’s newly appointed Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna was in Paris this week, attending meetings in advance of the Paris Climate Conference.

The conference kicks off Nov. 30. If, as expected, the countries involved negotiate a new global climate agreement, Canada will have to implement more ambitious measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home.

McKenna said in a press release that Canada is eager to “work closely with the provinces and territories to take action on climate change, put a price on carbon, reduce emissions and invest in clean technologies.”

But how much work needs to be done?

A lot, if the goal is serious action.

Reducing Canada’s emissions would mean significant cuts, probably focusing on the transportation and oil and gas sectors, and mostly hitting the provinces of Alberta and Ontario.

That said, Canada isn’t doing too badly compared to other countries.

Canada’s GHG emissions have grown since the 1990s

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The oil and gas sector accounts for one quarter of Canadian emissions

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Alberta is the highest-emitting province

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Some provinces have cut their emissions over time

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Canada accounts for a tiny fraction of world GHG emissions

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Some countries have gotten better over time. Many haven’t.

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Data from Environment Canada.



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