Canadian Animal Blood Bank in need of doggy donors

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WINNIPEG —; The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is in desperate need of dog donors.

The CABB in Winnipeg is the national supplier for Canada. While the organization has satellite clinics in Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal, more than 80 per cent of the blood used across the country is collected in Manitoba.

“Every day somewhere in Canada there is a dog that needs a blood product of some sort,” said lab coordinator Mary Robinson. “”Whether it be for anemia or pre or post surgery… they might need plasma product if they’ve gotten into rat poison or have Parvovirus. There are also certain breeds of dogs that just don’t clot well.”

Every donation the CABB receives immediately goes toward saving the lives of dogs throughout the country.

A dog gives blood at a clinic for the Canadian Animal Blood Bank.

Walther Bernal/Global News

Right now reserves are extremely low and the organization is always in need of more.

“We collect anywhere from 30 to 40 units per week and are usually out of stock by the end of the week,” said Robinson. “Sometimes emergencies come and long weekends and over Christmas are huge for us. You get emergencies coming in and the clinics can go through their blood products in one weekend.”

From cancer treatments to car crashes and daily routine surgeries, there are dozens of reasons why dogs need blood.

“If a dog comes in and is bleeding out… having a package of red blood cells on hand is a good thing,” she said.

A unit of blood donated at the CABB.

Each donation is between 450-500 milliliters and can save up to four dogs.

“My dogs are Monty and Dakota,” said Deborah Day. “Monty has done 33 donations and Dakota has done 18 or 19.”

Day and her husband have been taking their dogs to donate since they found out about the program.

“It’s important because other dogs, that are in accidents or have surgeries, need to have donations or transfusions and they can’t help themselves so we do it for them,” said Day.


Donor dogs have to be under 8 years old, weigh more than 50 pounds and be up to date with their vaccinations. It’s also helpful if they have an easy going temperament because the veterinarians do not sedate them.

“When you donate, you are saving the life of a dog in Canada,” said Robinson.

There is also an added benefit on top of helping other dogs. For every time your dog donates, there is a unit of blood product waiting for your dog should they ever need it, free of charge.

“Imagine your dog being injured and you not having the blood there and that’s what it needs to live,” said Doug Day. “You cannot deny your dog a life just because it needs blood.”

The CABB holds clinics around Manitoba every week and locations can be found on the organization’s Facebook page.


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