Casino company wants its property removed from Nova Star: Court documents – Halifax

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HALIFAX – The company running the casino on the Nova Star ferry has filed documents asking the courts to release its property from the seized vessel.

Global News has obtained court documents filed by Century Resorts International on Wednesday at U.S. District Court in Maine.

Century Resorts entered into an agreement with the ferry operator on February 13, 2014 and its property on the vessel includes a surveillance system, approximately 70 slot machines, two blackjack tables and office furniture.


The company values its property on the vessel at $295,053.26.

“All of Century’s property on board the Vessel is incidental to the arrest. Century’s property is in no way part of the Vessel itself … Century’s property is removable and is not essential to the Vessel,” the documents state.

Century Resorts also states there was no provision in its agreement with Nova Star Cruises that its property would be subject to the credit of the vessel.

The court filing is the latest development in the Nova Star court matter. The vessel was arrested by the U.S. Marshal at the end of October due to missing payments to creditors. It is currently docked in Portland under the watch of a third-party custodian.

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The amount owed by Nova Star Cruises now tallies more than $1.2 million USD.

A spokesperson for Nova Star Cruises has repeatedly said it will repay its creditors and has consistently declined to further comment.

Zann Chua, a spokesperson for Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd, which leases the ferry to Nova Star Cruises, said the company is working with Nova Star Cruises “to pay the fees and have the ship released.”

Chua said the company leased the vessel to Nova Star for a three-year term and “would be able to claim for the remaining term provided that the charterer is solvent and has cash or assets to pay ST Marine.”

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