‘Injuries for pedestrians double in winter months’: ICBC

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This time of year can make it a challenge to see on the road and despite numerous campaigns urging both drivers and pedestrians to be vigilant in the dark, accidents are still happening in the Lower Mainland.

“November, December and January is a dangerous time of year to be on B.C. roads, especially for pedestrians. Injuries for pedestrians double in winter months,” says ICBC’s Joanna Linsangan.


On Tuesday night two pedestrians were sent to hospital with serious injuries after a pair of collisions.

Despite the crosswalk, a 74-year-old man was struck by a vehicle in Abbotsford and his injuries were so severe, he had to be airlifted to the hospital. Less than an hour earlier, this time in Surrey, a 39-year-old woman, who was also in a marked crosswalk, was hit by a minivan. She was injured and has severe injuries to her legs and head.

These two accidents are the latest in half a dozen fatal and near fatal pedestrian-vehicle collisions in the Lower Mainland in the last two weeks. The accidents keep occurring even with ICBC’a advertising campaigns, public education efforts about dangerous behaviour, and high profile news conferences.

But even when you are following the guidelines of making eye contact with motorists, using a crosswalk and paying attention, accidents can happen.

Adam Dewji, a resident of Burnaby, says he was struck by a minivan while in a crosswalk but was lucky to escape injury as his backpack was the only thing hit.

However some drivers say it is tough with pedestrians popping out in front of them, especially at night.

ICBC says that most of the serious injury and fatal accidents happen in the darkness and recommends pedestrians wear bright reflective clothing or carry a light.

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