List of Nova Star creditors keeps on growing – Halifax

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HALIFAX – The list of creditors claiming Nova Star Cruises owes them money continues to grow.

Global News has obtained more court documents from U.S. District Court showing the company has a long list of unpaid debt.

Sprague Operating Resources, which provided bunker fuel to Nova Star, states it is missing two payments: one payment of $147,354.92 in June and one payment of $149,719.68 in July. All figures are USD unless stated otherwise.


Brown Ship Services, which provides ship chandlery and other services, filed documents stating Nova Star owes it $48,110.58.

A tour operator called Tours by Pete also submitted a claim that Nova Star owes it $600 for services in August and September.

The City of Portland filed court documents saying it allowed Nova Star to land at and use the facilities of its municipal pier.

It says Nova Star failed to pay berthing fees and related fees at the facility in September and October.

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The city said it is owed $85,029.75 for overdue lease payments as well as accrued but unpaid lease payments payable this month.

Portland Development Corporation also states it provided advances to the charterer of Nova Star to make modifications and improvements to the vessel’s berth and customs facilities at the municipal pier.

But it said it was never repaid the advances and is owed $151,398.68 with interest.

Nova Star Cruises also owes $195,897.52 to a pilotage company and $491,360.31 to a fuel company. At time of publication, the company owed more than $1.2 million to its creditors.

A spokesperson for Nova Star Cruises provided Global News with the same comment it did a week and a half ago when the vessel was first seized by the U.S. Marshal for missing payments: “Nova Star Cruises has paid most of its suppliers costs. We plan to pay all our suppliers as we have done over the past two seasons.”

When pressed by Global News for further comment over the growing list of creditors or the rising amount of debt, the spokesperson would only reiterate the above statement.

There was also no comment when asked when the company planned to re-pay its creditors.

The court documents also state the creditors will share the costs related to the Nova Star being under arrest moving forward. The vessel is currently docked in Portland under the watch of a third-party custodian.

The province funneled more than $40 million CDN to the vessel over two seasons. But after disappointing passenger numbers, the province announced it was parting ways with Nova Star Cruises and instead will work with Bay Ferries to operate the Yarmouth to Portland route.

Global News reached out to Minister MacLellan for comment on whether the province will audit how the taxpayer money was used by Nova Star but did not receive an immediate response.

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