Proposed cuts could bring ‘profound changes’ to Toronto police operations

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TORONTO —; A leaked report from accounting firm KPMG proposes cost-cutting measures that could trigger major changes in for Toronto police.

Mayor John Tory said the report suggests “profound changes” in an effort to try and constrain growth and modernize policing.

“I would expect that you are going to see some of those very significant reforms proceeded with,” he said.

Tory said the Police Services Board only recently got its first look at the report and has read it over in painstaking detail.


“We spent two days going over that report. That’s how seriously we took it.”

The Toronto Star released details from the report which include replacing 17 police divisions across the city with “storefront” operations.

Tory added that although he wants to see the report be made public, he understands why it was not immediately available.

“When these reports are given to boards … I think it is fair … the recipients on the report are in some cases entitled to read those reports, digest them and consider them before they are made public.”

The leaked details come ahead of the police budget meeting which will be held on Thursday.

Originally pegged at 5.8 per cent budget increase, a revised 2016 net operating budget request has been decreased to $27M or 2.76 per cent over the 2015 net approved budget.

“It’s still a work in progress. It will go to the Police Services Board later this week and then of course it comes here for additional scrutiny and examination,” Tory said.

The report will be made public ahead of the Dec. 17 board meeting.


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