Rear seat kicker, boozer, undresser? Survey reveals most annoying airplane behaviour

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Chances are you’ve been there: Sitting on an airplane, minding your own business, when something happens that makes you think —; this could be a long flight.

Expedia’s annual airplane etiquette survey was released Tuesday, and some familiar pet peeves top the list of frustrating behaviours.



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According to the study, the worst offenders are rear seat kickers, with 61 per cent of Americans ranking them as a top in-flight concern.

Inattentive parents, with out-of-control kids, were a close second, with 59 per cent of those polled choosing such parents as most annoying.

The “aromatic passenger”–that’s either bad hygiene or “giving off a strong scent”–was third least-liked at 50 per cent. The “audio insensitive” passenger tied at 50 per cent, and refers to someone who either talks too loudly or whose music is blasting out of speakers.

The “boozer” was next at 45 per cent, followed by the “chatty Cathy”, and beating out other frustrations like “the undresser” or the “mad bladder.”

The results suggested 49 per cent of passengers would just sit quietly and try to ignore the behaviour, compared to only 21 per cent who would confront offenders. Only 10 per cent of respondents said they’d “surreptitiously record” the annoying behaviour with a phone or camera–and three per cent admitted they’d publish such video on social media.

The Expedia study surveyed 1,019 American adult residents between Aug. 7 and 9. A spokesperson said a Canadian version of the study was not available Wednesday.

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