Remembering those who gave up so much for our freedom

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We wanted to help share the stories of those you’re thinking of on Remembrance Day. Below are pictures and stories submitted from some of our viewers and our staff. Email us at [email protected]老域名出售 with a photo, name and story of the ones you’re thinking of today and we can help share their story.

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Dale Oughton shared these photos of his grandfather Robert J. Oughton. Oughton (1919-2010) went to war in 1940 and didn’t return until 1945.

Far left, Robert J. Oughton, centre Harold Ballard.


Left, Bill Harris, right, Robert J. Oughton.


Letters dated from June 1944 written to RJ Oughton’s great grandmother.


Debbie Finch shared this image of her father and uncles who all served in the Second World War.

Father, Robert Finch and all three sons Robert, ET adn Ernest served int he Second World War.


Global Morning News host Holly Alexandruk is remembering her grandfather, Howard Way today. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces during the Second World War and was over seas for three years and four months.

Howard Way served in the Second World War for over three years.


Global Morning New Producer Katie Dangerfield is thinking of her great grandfather, James Mackenzie and grandfather, James Dangerfield.

James Mackenzie seen below served as a machine gunner in the First World War.

James Mackenzie served in the First World War as a machine gunner.


James Dangerfield served in the navy during the Second World War.

James Dangerfield served in the navy during the Second World War.




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